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May 2011 Collection Update!

 First off Here are some new plush babies!
Seel Kfc Applause (with butt tag) thanks omgitslph next is a beautiful addition to my plush family and a new pride and joy of mine Banpresto Slowking Plush (with butt and paper tag) from a GA run by the wonderful kiiyame & nameless5555  Thanks so much guys i love him >.< Next is a lovely Hasbro beanie Ivysaur thanks pokepalace his in wonderful condition also in the photo are some lovely arts from spideyroxas when i purchased pokemon stadium for the 64 xD they are so lovely


Next up is this wonderful piece! A Pokemon Water Museum! including Pikachu, Butterfree, Dugtrio and Togepi it beautiful when you press the little button colored acorns float around landing in little buckets near the pokemon >.<


Some cute little stamps i got off ebay cheap :D yay farfetch'd!

And last of all i went op shopping about a month ago and picked up this beautiful shelf for $6 :o i love it perfect for my pokedolls!

Thanks for looking Guys!
Will have an update again next month most likely!
Ciao for now
Jessie Grace

April Update 2011 "Shogakukan Stamps, ANA Charms, Pan Stickers"

Hello Pokepals!
hope your all doing well :)
I bring to you my April Update

Okay! so lets get this started!</div>
First of all i wannnnt AS much information on these lovely fake stamps as humanly possible! i cant find hardly anything! also how much are they roughly worth? i bought them just out of interest for cheap :) annnd does anyone know if there was ever a book or album to keep them in?











NOWWW on to the pan stickers!!!!!
i wondering the worth of some of these mainly the first lot pictured ? i haven't really seen ones like those before :)
i may think about selling some of these also
(Double of Mismagius/Misdreavus)</div>
And on to these cute little charms >.<
WELL i hope you enjoyed the update Folks!
will be posting again in a couple of weeks
i have 7 pokedolls coming, a canvas and some other goodies xD
so keep you eyes peeeledddd!
Jessie Grace

Collection update March 2011 :)

First of all
-Snubbull (Hasbro)
-Slowpoke (Applause)
-Spearow (Applause)
-Giglar (Hasbro)
-Jigglypuff (Applause
-Slowking (Hasbro)
-Lickitung (pokeball plush)

next up is
-Hoothoot (Hasbro)
-Koffing (Pokeball plush)
-Mareep (Hasbro)
-Sentret (Hasbro)
-Koffing (Hasbro)

Then there is
-Cyndaquil (Hasbro)
-Donphan (Hasbro)
-Heracross (Hasbro)
-Lugia (Hasbro)
-Zubat (Applause)

andddd more:
-Horsea (Applause)
-Totodile (Hasbro)
-Squirtle (Treat Keeper)
-Quagsire (Hasbro)
-Marill (Hasbro

I swear there isnt that many more :O
-Elekid (Pokeball plush)
-Psyduck (Tomy)
-Charmander (Applause)
-Chameleon (Applause)
-Charizard (Treat keeper)
-Vulpix (Applause)
-Ivysaur (Applause)

rejects timeeeeee:
-Bulbasaur missing one eye made by?
-Seel (applause) missing half a tail
-Togepi missing one eye made by?

Thanks for looking everyone! 

Jessie Grace

Collection update February 2011 :)

First off all my lovely eevee's in all there glory

Taken with my Polaroid Instax Mini 7 :D

New purchases from omgitslph and my lovely gifts from pokepalace thanks so much :D

Oh kay! i got sooooo sick of looking at this bootleg that i let the doggie do its worst :O
Naughty Sammy!

Jessie Grace

Collection update - Jan 2011

  Today i got my arrival from Noppin :)
which only took four days once it was shipped from there warehouse! im so wrapped!
and the goodies are amazingly good! managed to snag all this for about $70 thats including postage :D

Super DX Totodile (Banpresto 2009)*NWT*, Notched Ear Moving Pichu (Banpresto 2009)*Butt tag only*, Super  DX Chikorita (Banpresto 2009)*NWT*
andddddd GEN FIVE KEYRINGS! all *NWT* Zekrom, Pikachu, Pansage(Yanappu), Axew(Kibago), Reshiram

Original Video - More videos at TinyPic

Also just a quick collection picture :D


Jessie Grace

(no subject)

 Hello All!
Just a quick post to show you all my new plush family members :)
the last lot came today but im still expecting these to arrive soon enough:

-Talking Psyduck Plush.
- DX Venusaur Plush.
- TEE FURY "Evolved from the Dead" Pokemon shirt.

onward to the current pokemons!!!!

My lovely arrivals from sapphire-kun
- Squirtle Tomy 1998
- Manaphy Banpresto  2006
- Darkrai Banpresto 2008
- Pikachu Bandai Friends 1998
- Azelf Banpresto 2008
- Manaphy Movie Banpresto 2006
- Poliwhirl Tomy 1998

My Cute ebay find lot!
- Pichu Tomy
- Mew Tomy
- Talking Tomy Pikachu
- Farfetch'd Banpresto 1998
- Togepi Tomy 
- Caterpie Friends Bandai 

- 24" Snorlax Pillow Plush
not sure who made him or when? any ideas?
:) this photo doesnt give him any justice at all! his so cuddly and beautiful!
No Tush tag so i cant tellllll

- 20" Charmander Play by Play
This Guy is also so very cuteeee! 
still with tush tags :D and very vibrant in colour!

and just cause i love him and as if you havnt seen enough of him!
Heres Fetchy Being cute >.<

hope you enjoyed!!!!
Cya Round Folks :)

Jessie Grace

Massive Collection Update!

Hi Guys!
New arrivals!!!
Marill 12" Booty or Factory Plush?, Raikou Banpresto, Turtwig Banpresto, Pikachu 1998 Plush and Minun coin purse.

and here we are my complete plush collection apart from my beloved Pikachu and Jigglypuff Pillows! and any little plushes that maybe stuffed inside my breakables that are still stored from moving! enjoy my lovely ones!
at some point i will update this post with a list of what pokemon are included in these pictures but alas tonight im super tired luck..sowwi!

and a video of them :)



Thats all for now Folks!
Ciao x x x

Jessie Grace

US arrivals :) ARRIVED the day after my bday :D

 soo i came home from my night away for my birthday... and there were boxes outside my bedroom door xD
two of my packages had arrived while i was super keen to look i peeped inside the boxes to revile these little treasures!
i must thank greatly for most of these the wonderful Kyogres the plushes are lovely!

Included in these photos are:
-Corpish (Hasbro 2004)
-Mime Jr (Jakks 2007)
-Starly (Jakks 2007)
-Torchic (Hasbro Pokemon Advanced 2004)
-Treecko (Hasbro Pokemon Advanced 2004)
-Larger Treecko (Banpresto 2004 Treecko UFO)
-Azurill (Hasbro 2004)
-Wobbuffet (Jakks 2007)
-Nidorina ( Hasbro Mini Plush 2005)
-Pikachu (Hasbro Mini Plush 2005)
-Mudkip (Hasbro Pokemon Advanced 2005)
-Mewtwo (Hasbro Beanie 1998
-Tailow (Hasbro 2004)

and in these photos are:
-Plusle (Jakks 2007)
-Plusle (Hasbro Pokemon Advanced 2004)
-Minun (Pokedoll 2005)
-Minun (Jakks 2007)
-Minun (Hasbro Pokemon Advanced 2004)

i am very pleased with them all!
just waiting on my :
- Marril 12" plush
- Shaymin Land Form Plush Jakks 
- Shaymin Land Form Throw Ball Jakks
- Large Shaymin Land Form Plush
-  Shaymin Land Form Character DS Stylus 

to arrive :D

ANDDDD before i sign off new group shot of my unboxed beauties!