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US arrivals :) ARRIVED the day after my bday :D

 soo i came home from my night away for my birthday... and there were boxes outside my bedroom door xD
two of my packages had arrived while i was super keen to look i peeped inside the boxes to revile these little treasures!
i must thank greatly for most of these the wonderful Kyogres the plushes are lovely!

Included in these photos are:
-Corpish (Hasbro 2004)
-Mime Jr (Jakks 2007)
-Starly (Jakks 2007)
-Torchic (Hasbro Pokemon Advanced 2004)
-Treecko (Hasbro Pokemon Advanced 2004)
-Larger Treecko (Banpresto 2004 Treecko UFO)
-Azurill (Hasbro 2004)
-Wobbuffet (Jakks 2007)
-Nidorina ( Hasbro Mini Plush 2005)
-Pikachu (Hasbro Mini Plush 2005)
-Mudkip (Hasbro Pokemon Advanced 2005)
-Mewtwo (Hasbro Beanie 1998
-Tailow (Hasbro 2004)

and in these photos are:
-Plusle (Jakks 2007)
-Plusle (Hasbro Pokemon Advanced 2004)
-Minun (Pokedoll 2005)
-Minun (Jakks 2007)
-Minun (Hasbro Pokemon Advanced 2004)

i am very pleased with them all!
just waiting on my :
- Marril 12" plush
- Shaymin Land Form Plush Jakks 
- Shaymin Land Form Throw Ball Jakks
- Large Shaymin Land Form Plush
-  Shaymin Land Form Character DS Stylus 

to arrive :D

ANDDDD before i sign off new group shot of my unboxed beauties!


Tags: jakks hasbro pokemon plush pokedoll coll
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