jessie_grace_89 (jessie_grace_89) wrote,

Massive Collection Update!

Hi Guys!
New arrivals!!!
Marill 12" Booty or Factory Plush?, Raikou Banpresto, Turtwig Banpresto, Pikachu 1998 Plush and Minun coin purse.

and here we are my complete plush collection apart from my beloved Pikachu and Jigglypuff Pillows! and any little plushes that maybe stuffed inside my breakables that are still stored from moving! enjoy my lovely ones!
at some point i will update this post with a list of what pokemon are included in these pictures but alas tonight im super tired luck..sowwi!

and a video of them :)



Thats all for now Folks!
Ciao x x x

Tags: collection plush new lot pokemon
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