May 13th, 2011

Jessie Grace

May 2011 Collection Update!

 First off Here are some new plush babies!
Seel Kfc Applause (with butt tag) thanks omgitslph next is a beautiful addition to my plush family and a new pride and joy of mine Banpresto Slowking Plush (with butt and paper tag) from a GA run by the wonderful kiiyame & nameless5555  Thanks so much guys i love him >.< Next is a lovely Hasbro beanie Ivysaur thanks pokepalace his in wonderful condition also in the photo are some lovely arts from spideyroxas when i purchased pokemon stadium for the 64 xD they are so lovely


Next up is this wonderful piece! A Pokemon Water Museum! including Pikachu, Butterfree, Dugtrio and Togepi it beautiful when you press the little button colored acorns float around landing in little buckets near the pokemon >.<


Some cute little stamps i got off ebay cheap :D yay farfetch'd!

And last of all i went op shopping about a month ago and picked up this beautiful shelf for $6 :o i love it perfect for my pokedolls!

Thanks for looking Guys!
Will have an update again next month most likely!
Ciao for now