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 Hello All!
Just a quick post to show you all my new plush family members :)
the last lot came today but im still expecting these to arrive soon enough:

-Talking Psyduck Plush.
- DX Venusaur Plush.
- TEE FURY "Evolved from the Dead" Pokemon shirt.

onward to the current pokemons!!!!

My lovely arrivals from sapphire-kun
- Squirtle Tomy 1998
- Manaphy Banpresto  2006
- Darkrai Banpresto 2008
- Pikachu Bandai Friends 1998
- Azelf Banpresto 2008
- Manaphy Movie Banpresto 2006
- Poliwhirl Tomy 1998

My Cute ebay find lot!
- Pichu Tomy
- Mew Tomy
- Talking Tomy Pikachu
- Farfetch'd Banpresto 1998
- Togepi Tomy 
- Caterpie Friends Bandai 

- 24" Snorlax Pillow Plush
not sure who made him or when? any ideas?
:) this photo doesnt give him any justice at all! his so cuddly and beautiful!
No Tush tag so i cant tellllll

- 20" Charmander Play by Play
This Guy is also so very cuteeee! 
still with tush tags :D and very vibrant in colour!

and just cause i love him and as if you havnt seen enough of him!
Heres Fetchy Being cute >.<

hope you enjoyed!!!!
Cya Round Folks :)

Tags: farfetchd charmander snorlax mew pichu p
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