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Collection update - Jan 2011

  Today i got my arrival from Noppin :)
which only took four days once it was shipped from there warehouse! im so wrapped!
and the goodies are amazingly good! managed to snag all this for about $70 thats including postage :D

Super DX Totodile (Banpresto 2009)*NWT*, Notched Ear Moving Pichu (Banpresto 2009)*Butt tag only*, Super  DX Chikorita (Banpresto 2009)*NWT*
andddddd GEN FIVE KEYRINGS! all *NWT* Zekrom, Pikachu, Pansage(Yanappu), Axew(Kibago), Reshiram

Original Video - More videos at TinyPic

Also just a quick collection picture :D


Tags: banpresto, chikorita, collection, pichu, reshiram, totodile, updates, zekrom
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