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UK packaged arrived! and i didnt even know it :P

 Sooo this evening after tea... my bf went down stair to get a drink and at the front door my package was sitting :O
and when i opened it i was even more surprised because two of the plushes were actually pokedolls im pretty sure after confirming with photos online since they are missing their tush tags... which doesn't bother me really... but hey! I'm pretty sure i got a bargain since i only paid $36 AUS for everything with postage :)
anyways here are some photos of what i received :

- Mudkip Pokedoll (2005)
- Riachu Hasbro Beanie (1998)
- Torchic Pokedoll (2005)
- Pikachu Beanie Towl Plush (Deutshe Toy GMBH)
- Squirtle Applause Limited Edition (1998)

Pokemon Roller Stamps Tomy (1997)

- Rayquaza Charm Strap Tv Tokyo
- Manaphy Charm Strap Tv Tokyo
- Rapidash Tomy Figurine
- Raticate Tomy Figurine
- Togepi Tomy Figurine
- Seel Figurine (2000)
- Pidgeot Rollerball Figurine (1999)
- Ekans Rollerball Figurine (1999)
- Butterfree Tomy Figure
-Togepi Light-up Keychain 
-Buneary Bandai Figure (2006)
-Shinx Bandai Figure (2006)
-Delcatty Bandai Figure (2006)
-Togepi Tin Keychain (1998)

Pokemon Postcards (1998)

Topps Trading Cards
Series 2 - T.V Animation Edition
2,3 & 5

soooo there you have it all my latest goodies!


Jessie Grace

a creepy little guy arrived in my mail today!

 Finally arrived! my Duskull Jakks Plush.... i love this little guy his so cute...  i think Duskull is fast becoming one of my favourite plushes to collect! although i only have 2 thus far! im sure there will be more!  i still am awaiting the arrival of another couple of lots of plushes >.< so the post man is still my favourite person to see at the moment haha!
Anyway here are some pictures of him :

As Always!
Enjoy the Cuteness!
Jessie Grace

First Journal Entry :)

 Hi all,
I'm Jessie or as i go under in the internet word... Jessie Grace :)
New to this whole live journal thingo....mainly got it so i could blog about my Pokemon collectables....
i specialise mainly  in plushies, but do collect games,dvds and some figurines.
I have photos and journals over at Also.
I have 62 plushies to date... 
-Manaphy Reversible ball plush
-Manaphy Jakks Plush
-Jiggypuff Beanie Plush
-Munchlax Tomy Heartland Plush
-Munchlax Reversible ball Plush
-Psyduck Beanie Plush
-Turtwig Jakks Plush
-Piplup Jakks Plush
-Piplup Reversible Ball Plush
-Piplup Meduim Plush
-Meowth Beanie Plush
-Charmander Plush Keyring
-Chimchar Jakks Plush
-Eevee Beanie Plush
-Bulbasaur Treat Keeper Plush
-Mew keyring Plush
-Squirtle Beanie Plush
-Charizard Beanie Plush
-Torchic Reversible ball Plush
-Charizard medium Plush
-Buizel Jakks Plush
-Snorlax Beanie Plush
-Turtwig reversible ball Plush
-Poliwhirl Beanie Plush
-Chatot Jakks Plush
-Mudkip reversible ball Plush
-Aipom medium Plush
-Mantyke Jakks Plush
-Treecko Reversible ball Plush
- Uxie Beanie Plush (2007)
- Jigglypuff Slippers (2000)
- Medium Pikachu Plush  (1998)
- Medium Happiny Plush (2007)
- Riolu Jakks  Plush(2007)
- Munchlax Jakks Plush(2007)
- Sneasel Jakks Plush (2007)
- Zubat Jakks Plush (2007)
- Shellos (East Sea)  Jakks Plush (2007)
- Shellos (West Sea) Jakks Plush (2007)
- Budew Jakks Plush (2007)
- Mespirt Jakks Plush (2007)
- Pikachu Light up Talking and Vibrating Plush
- Large pikachu plush
- Pikachu Backpack plush
- Pikachu Jakks Plush
- Pikachu Beanie Plush 1998
- Pikachu Tomy Heartland Plush
- Pikachu light up and talking plush
- Pikachu Reversible ball plush

and in the post as we speak:
- Shaymin 9" Plush (Arrived!)
- Duskull Pokedoll (Arrived!)
- Spiritomb Pokedoll (Arrived!)
- Gengar Pokedoll (Arrived!)
- Duskull Jakks Plush (Arrived!)
- Torchic Plush
- Mudkip Plush
- Squirtle Small Plush
- Raichu Beanie Plush
- Pikachu Laying Down Plush Small

some have dates of when they were released but i haven't updated some since most are in storage since i moved not long ago :)

Thats about all the info i have to share right now!